Snowmobiling packages

Snowmobiling packages - Sno-drifters

Fort McMurray has more to offer than just the oilsands. We have a winter playground in our backyard.

We have almost 300 hundred kilometres of maintained and groomed trails. On these trails there are fire pits and warm up shelters. We also have thousands of kilometres of non maintained trails for the adventurist. 

There is also a chance of seeing big and small game animals within our beautiful wilderness.You may see small game such as lynx, coyote, fox and wolf. You may see big game such as moose, deer and if you are lucky, even a caribou. Another great attraction which often appear to our area is the northern lights (aurora borealis). However to see these you need to be a little brave and challenge our trails at night.

Here are some sample packages you are able to book:

Package #1

  • Anzac Loop (67 km)
  • Miniumum 3 hours riding time (5 hour trip)

Package #2

  • Tower Road Loop (67 km)
  • Minimum 3 hours riding time (5 hour trip)

Package #3

  • Stoney Mountain Loop (44km)
  • Minimum 2.5 hours riding time (5 hour trip)

Package #4

  • Anzac/Stoney/Connector Loop (21.5 km)
  • Minimum 6 - 7 hours riding time (8 - 9 hour trip)