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Westwood Community High School

Westwood Community High School

Westwood Community High School

The grounds at the Westwood Community High School include a rugby field and a softball diamond. The softball diamond is not equipped for league events and is intended to host recreational games and school competitions, but the rugby field is equipped to host medal rounds and finals events. The high school itself offers the use of indoor rooms for events, and the grounds also include a playground to keep younger attendants occupied during games.


The Westwood Community High School is next door to the Westwood Family YMCA, which means these venues can co-host events that require a combination of each of their facilities.


Westwood Community High School Features:

123 617 square feet


Indoor rooms available in school

Washrooms and concession at Newell Field

Parking capacity for 184 vehicles

Drop off and pick up zone

Public transit access


Football & Rugby Field Features:

70m x 94.5m

Safety zone of 9m at ends and 6m on sides

2 team benches


Softball Diamond (Newell Field) Features:

Clay infield, grass outfield

Uncovered dugouts (35 seats)



Facility Category: 

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