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Fort McKay

Fort McKay

Located in the heart of the Athabasca oil sands, Fort McKay sits 58 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. Standing at a current population of approximately 900 (including reserve population), the largely aboriginal hamlet celebrate their heritage by enjoying traditional activities such as hunting and trapping as well as hosting vibrant community events. Fort McKay is employed primarily by the oil industry and is projected to see employment and population growth.

The small community of Fort McKay is directly in the midst of the region’s largest oilsands producers. Despite being right in the hub of Canada’s economic engine, Fort McKay remains fiercely proud of its cultural heritage, both First Nations and Metis.

During the winter, this rich heritage is celebrated with the Fort McKay Family Winter Carnival. Part of the larger WinterPLAY Winter Carnival celebrated all over Wood Buffalo, Fort McKay’s

Bonfires, barbeques and hand-rolled snow taffy fill the crisp winter air with delicious aromas as visitors and residents gather for fun and games. Laughter and camaraderie abound as teams and individuals compete to make tea, kick the highest, race toboggans, saw through thick logs,

The day is as much about celebrating the warmth of family and community as it is about friendly competition, and the people of Fort McKay are always eager to welcome a visitor and share a little of their rich cultural history.

For more information, please check out the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo's page on Fort MacKay.