Dog Sledding Tours in Fort Chipewyan

Image copyrighted & courtesy of Chris Salvo

The runners on Robert Grandjambe’s sled glide along a remote forest trail near Fort Chipewyan, as his team of working dogs pull him to a good spot to cut wood for his stove. His life is lived traditionally, and he often treks into the bush to trap and hunt, to sled onto frozen lakes and net fish, or to gather and split logs for the winter wood pile.

If you seek him out, Grandjambe will take you on a tour, sharing this way of life with you, taking you on a tour to immerse you in whichever aspects of northern life you find most intriguing. He does it proudly, as an ambassador of his community and culture.

Before long, you’re dog sledding with Grandjambe through a creaking forest of pine, birch, and poplar. Then you’re hoisting nets from holes in a frozen lake, the weight of many pounds of wriggling fish palpable in your arms and legs. All the while your ear is filled with vivid stories of the land and a way of life that trace the bygone eras, linking them to the present moment the two of you are sharing.