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Jet Boating

Take a trip on one of the many rivers and experience jet boating!

Have you ever wanted to go jet boating on the Athabasca river but just don’t have a boat? Not a problem! Get away for a great day and cruise the Athabasca River. Just call ahead to make sure you can get in and get ready for a day of fast fun!

There are 2 different tour providers:


Steve Russell at or call (780) 713-7014

Leonard Hansen with Running Bear Wilderness Adventures at 780-714-7192



If you want to launch your own boat, you can do that at the following locations:

  • Snye Park  ~  Downtown
  • Sitskaw Park  ~  Waterways

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Saprae Creek - population facts

  • Population: 925 (2012)
  • Population change from: 40% (2000 - 2012)
  • Average annual growth rate: 3.1% (2000 - 2012)
  • Number of dwellings: 232 (2012)
  • Projected population:
    • 2020: 746
    • 2030: 1015