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Summer in Wood Buffalo is a time rich with events and festivals – a time of music, art, and culture that give Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo region a vibrant dimension of identity that’s as distinct as the region’s natural superlatives and economic strengths.

June Bug Children’s Festival
Consider a summer morning spent at the June Bug Children’s Festival. Your kids sit restlessly, anticipating their mirror reflection, transformed by and artist’s face paint into wild creatures. Boys and girls stand stoically as balloon artists crown them kings and queens for the day. Watch as your kids laugh and play with other children in the belly of an inflatable bouncy castle.

InterPLAY Visual and Performing Arts Festival (cancelled for 2014)
Once the InterPLAY visual and performing arts festival takes hold of downtown Fort McMurray, your family and 20,000 other people walk the streets with artists, performers, and musicians who turn the town into an urban stage. Hear the sounds of a folk tune plucked on a guitar. Enjoy the searing wit of a comedian inspiring laughter in the crowd. And watch a host of jester-like street performers entertain in the public square.

Wood Buffalo Country Fair
Art imitates life in this region, a sentiment you experience when bringing brush to canvas in one of the many community art projects and by browsing the artistic wares for sale at the Wood Buffalo Country Fair. You see carvings, paintings, and sculpture that imitate and interpret the land and the people around you.

Nexen CanadaROCKS music festival
Summer is a time for music and midways. Coloured lights blur with the whirl of rides they illuminate, as delighted screams rise and fall with the movement. Follow the smell of incredible food and have a meal, as the sounds of the Country Music Jubilee or the Nexen CanadaROCKS music festival ring out in the summer air.

Below are just a few exciting events available to residents and visitors alike:


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