Things to See & Do

Aerial Muskeg - image courtesy of & copyrighted by Chris Salvo

Birchwood Trails & Outdoor Green Gym

Birchwood Trails and Outdoor Green Gym: These trails are located in the Con Creekvalley between Thickwood and Timberlea and offer great opportunities for walking,running and cross country skiing during the winter months. Want more than cardio? The outdoor green gym includes air walkers, elliptical, tai-chi spinners and chest pressers.

Fort McMurray Marine Park 

Fort McMurray Marine Park is located along the Clearwater River in the Fort McMurray lower town site. The four acre site is the original location of the shipyards where after spring break up, passengers and freight destined for the north were transferred from rail to ship or barge. This site is the only shipyard remaining in the province of Alberta and it preserves, displays and interprets a significant component of Northern Alberta’s and Northern Canada’s transportation history.


Enjoy the great outdoors, with the convenience of being close to the city.

Crane Lake Nature Trails

Located approximately 30 kilometres north of Fort McMurray, this trail encompasses a bird watching area renowned for the innovative reclamation efforts of Suncor Energy. Crane Lake covers over 19 hectares of reclaimed land and provides an excellent bird watching and wild life viewing area.

Bison Viewpoint 

Syncrude has reclaimed over 4000 hectares of land since the operation began. The Wood Bison project was introduced in 1993 when a herd of 30 Wood Bison were introduced onto reclaimed land in a partnership with Fort McKay. The number of bison has risen to 300 since they were first placed there.

Fort McMurray Golf Club, Miskanaw Golf Course

Tee off on one of Fort McMurray’s scenic golf courses.

Fort McMurray Tourism

Looking for information, things to see and do, visit Fort McMurray Tourism at 400 Sakitawaw Trail South on Highway 63.

Gregoire Lake Provincial Park 

Located 19 kilometres south and 10 kilometres east off Highway 63 on Highway 881 you can enjoy a day at the beach or try camping overnight. Fishing, boating, barbecuing and beach volleyball are a great way to spend the day.

Heritage Park

Spend the day walking through the history of Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo Region. Displays depict the unique and vibrant days of fur trading, lumbering, fishing, river rail transportation and the birth of the oil sands. A stop at the gift shop is sure to provide a memento for everyone.

Historic Abasand Hikes

Discover the history behind one of the first oil sands plants in the Athabasca region. View the geological profiles of the oil sands around the Horse River Valley. Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island/ Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre/ YMCA Stay fit in one of our many recreational facilities.

Oil Sands Discovery Centre

Capture the Alberta experience with world class exhibits, interpretive programs and hands on demonstrations, it’s a dynamic and interactive environment in which to discover the history, science and technology of the oil sands industry.

Peter Pond Shopping Centre

With more than 60 stores and services they have something for the whole family.

First Tailings Pond to Be Reclaimed 

See the Wapisiw Lookout for yourself on a guided tour of Suncor Energy. The Wapisiw Lookout is the first tailings pond of any oil sands operations to be reclaimed. On a guided tour you will learn about the new technologies being utilized to change the tailings process and reduce the environmental impact of the oil sands.

The Snye & Borealis Park

The Snye and Borealis Park provide a unique opportunity to view float planes and water fun right in the heart of Fort McMurray.

Casman Center 

The Casman Center is home to the Oil Barons (AJHL). Fort McMurray loves a good hockey game, come out for a fun evening and cheer the team on!

Vista Ridge All Season Park

Experience hours of exhilarating family fun at one of the best non mountain hills in Alberta, have fun boarding, snowblading, skiing, tubing or relaxing in the lodge.

Wood Bison Gateway & The Matcheetawin Trails  

A massive stone sculpture of a Wood Bison herd marks the beginning of the Matcheetawin Discovery Trails (a Cree word meaning beginning place) and the Sagow Pematosowin Trail (Cree for living in peaceful co-existence with the land). This four kilometre interpretive trail system on 50 hectares of land offers visitors the opportunity to see various types of reclaimed land - spruce/aspen forests, jack pine forests, grasslands and wetlands.