Winter Fishing

If you can’t get enough of fishing in the summer, don’t stop. Fishing is not limited to warm weather months. Ice fishing can be done on most lakes and streams and depending on ice conditions, the season generally runs from December through April.

Local anglers build temporary sheds on northern lakes or simply drill holes and drop in a line. Just be sure to check local regulations before you head out. There are several lakes within driving distance that offer Northern Pike, perch, white fish and even the odd lingering walleye during the winter ice fishing season.

To view a map of this area, check out  Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations  or log on to Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum.

Winter Fishing Through the Ice Experience

The winter shoreline that lies on the opposite side of this frozen local lake is untouched and uninterrupted. It makes our guide’s demonstration of traditional ice fishing methods seem like time travel to an era before tappers and fur traders. With the recommended three layers of clothing, we’re warm in the elements. Our guide also shows our party of 6 (the minimum group size required for this adventure) a variety of modern ice fishing methods. We put them to use and begin hoisting northern pike, walleye, perch, and whitefish from the holes drilled through the ice. At an additional cost, our guide provides snacks and refreshment, and we laugh and enjoy the thrill of being outdoors on the frozen lake, jigging hooks to entice the big fish that lurk below.