Parks, Trails & Hiking

Birchwood Trail - image courtesy of & copyrighted by Chris Salvo

Expansive Trail System

Take some time to enjoy our park spaces and trails. We have over 400 hectares of serene parks that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The expansive trail system of 130 kilometres allows for hours of exploration while transporting you to a peaceful world. You can walk, bike, hike, cross-country ski and inline skate through the natural beauty of the urban park trail system of asphalt, gravel and natural trails carved from the forest.

Community Parks

Community parks, equipped with ball and soccer fields, beach volleyball and basketball courts, water-play parks and concessions provide enjoyment all year round. Many indoor and outdoor skating/hockey rinks are available to enjoy, including Borealis Park’s outdoor skating rink which has a natural beauty all its own.

Birchwood Trails and Outdoor Green Gym

The Birchwood Trails and the outdoor green gym are located in the Con Creek valley between Thickwood, Dickensfield, Timberlea, and offer great opportunities for walking, running and cross country skiing in the winter months. With the outdoor gym conveniently running along the outside of Birchwood Trail, you can incorporate a more complete fitness routine. The equipment is set up in a dozen stations running from Cornwall Road, to behind the Birchwood field, and ending at Woodland Drive.

Each station has about five pieces of equipment which would normally be found in a regular gym. Hydraulics and your own body weight are used to create a more challenging routine and there are signs posted to help you become acquainted with the workout stations. Some of the equipment includes leg presses, air skiers, and hand bikes. The outdoor circuit also features some of the newest wheelchair accessible equipment as well. With this gym, you don’t have to worry about hours of operation, or remembering a membership card; it’s there for anyone at anytime. Run, walk or bike and experience another side of Wood Buffalo.

Crane Lake Nature Trail

The Crane Lake Nature Trail is located approximately 30 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. This trail encompasses a bird watching area renowned for the innovative reclamation efforts of Suncor Energy. Crane Lake covers over 19 hectares of reclaimed land and provides an excellent bird watching and wild life viewing area.

Historic Abasand Hikes

Discover the history behind one of the first oil sands plants in the Athabasca region. View the geological profiles of the oil sands around the Horse River Valley.

Wood Bison Gateway & The Matcheetawin Trails

A massive stone sculpture of a Wood Bison herd marks the beginning of the Matcheetawin Discovery Trails (a Cree word meaning beginning place) and the Sagow Pematosowin Trail (Cree for living in peaceful co-existence with the land). This four kilometre interpretive trail system on 50 hectares of land offers visitors the opportunity to see various types of reclaimed land - spruce/aspen forests, jack pine forests, grasslands and wetlands.