A Métis Cultural Experience

Animal Tracks - Image copyrighted by & courtesy of Chris Salvo

We stand at the forest’s edge, listening to our guide speak of trapping history and its integral role in the cultural heritage of the Métis people. On the guide’s recommendation, our group of 6 – the minimum required for this adventure – has dressed for the occasion, each of us kept warm by three layers of proper winter clothing. The guide shows us traditional trapping methods, as well as modern methods used today, explaining the differences in detail. With a fresh trace of snow, tracking animals is made easy.

Over the course of our 4-5 hour immersion in this rich cultural heritage, our guide helps us track game the Métis relied on for meat and the animals whose furs they sought. The signs are all around us in the snow. We’re shown how to identify deer and elk trails, the snowshoe-like impressions of rabbits, and the paw prints of wolves and coyotes. For an additional cost, our guide provides us with food and refreshments. Soothed by the hush of the forest, we rest a while and speak in fascination about the Métis people’s determined way of life and how they forged from the land such a vibrant heritage here in Alberta’s rugged north.

Snowmobiling, ice fishing, and trapping and tracking in the Métis tradition are central to winter culture here in Alberta’s north. These adventures can be combined for the fullest experience and custom experiences can be designed and planned upon request. All trips must be booked at least a week in advance, and notifications of any changes, such as an addition or cancellation of guests, must be done with at least 48 hours notice. For your safety and enjoyment, please note that all of these experiences are weather dependent.