Athabasca Oil Sands - Discovery Center

Athabasca Oil Sands - reclamation

Want to learn more about the Athabasca Oil Sands? Take a guided tour of Suncor Energy, visit the Oil Sands Discovery Center for an interactive look into the Athabasca Oil Sands, and explore Heritage Park to experience Fort McMurray’s unique and vibrant past.

The Alberta oil sands cover 142,000 square kilometers, 4,800 km2 of which are mineable. The deposit contains an estimated 174 trillion barrels of bitumen. More than 300 billion barrels are potentially recoverable based on today’s technology.

Visit Suncor Energy, the world’s first commercially successful oil sands operation. Learn about the advanced technology and massive equipment that is used to produce the incredible resource. Tour guides will explain the oil sands process - from the point where the oil sand is mined from the ground to the final product that travels down the pipeline.

Suncor works hard to reduce the impact of their activities on the ecosystems of the boreal forest. In fact, it is the first oil sands company in the world to successfully reclaim a tailings pond (Wapisiw Lookout). Learn about Suncor’s reclamation efforts and see how native plants and animals are thriving on the reclaimed land.

The oil sands tour ticket includes admission to Heritage Park and Oil Sands Discovery Center to be used any time. To spend a day at Heritage Park is to take a walk through Fort McMurray’s unique and vibrant past. Preserved in this little village are our city’s oldest buildings and artifacts, dating back to its earliest settlers. Experience the story of the oil sands from the driver’s seat of a 150 ton truck. Come and discover Alberta’s amazing energy resource made interactive, informative and fun at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre.

The tours are available from May to September. Tour routes may vary depending on ongoing work.